The Importance of Disagreement and Dissent

"I Disagree" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


I've discovered in my own life that one of the most powerful things you can say is, "I disagree!" In fact, I could probably claim that this short sentence, obviously rooted in a dissenting spirit, has gotten me in the most trouble. I hear it a lot... that I'm disagreeable, grumpy, and a downer. But there's so much to disagree with! And I'm not being disagreeable because I'm just a stick-in-the-mud, but because untruths are harmful to the human race and the world. My departure from the ministry and the church was sparked by this attitude and statement of dissent. I honestly felt that my primary job was to weed the garden of weeds and clear it of stones, believing that left to itself with good nutrition and space it would yield great fruit. I can't stand the attitude, "Why don't you just play along? Why do you always have to complain and criticize? Trust us. Just give it time and this will all work out. You need to compromise a little!" I disagree! I think today, now more than ever, disagreement is not only important but necessary. Dissent is required. It does take a lot of courage to gather the muster to say "I disagree!" But once you do it's one of the most liberating things you can say. A couple things can happen when you say it. One, you can be marginalized and rejected by the community in which you said it in an attempt to silence you. Or, secondly, it can launch a conversation that may help lead to better living for all. Join a growing group of dissenters at The Lasting Supper. I'll personally welcome you to the community.
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