Why You Need Nature in your Creative Process

These trees near my home are the inspiration behind many of my artworks. I love how they reach proudly to the sky and, no matter the weather or the mood, they are always there and (hopefully) will be there for a long time. 

My surroundings in Canada have helped me learn mindfulness, inner peace, and the importance of becoming one with nature and the world around me. I want these artworks to help you by showing the beautiful solitude you’ll find on the journey towards personal freedom.

Some people find it hard to believe that the person who draws the controversial NakedPastor cartoons is the same person who creates these contemplative paintings and charcoal drawings. But they are all an expression of my passion for personal freedom... mine and yours! My paintings depict what freedom looks and feels like to me. It’s spacious but not empty. Solitude but not lonely. One but one with all things.

I try to get into nature daily. It's important to my creative process. 

This painting above are in my shop. It's titled, All I Need Is A Small Clearing. It's about the certainty that there is always an opening where light and beauty are waiting for you. There will always be stars in the sky and they will never lose their magic.  

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