the internet: taking the bad with the good

"The Internet: Good and Bad" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward I appreciate what is happening with Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church because it is a litmus test for how the church addresses the issues of power, coercion, bullying and abuse. I watch with concern. As I posted on my Facebook page, "Mark is our brother and the church is a part of our family. This isn't about his imperfection but the church's which is a culture that creates this kind of abuse. We are in this together. Are we not? How Mars Hill Church handles this is how we handle this. That's how I see it." Driscoll gave a public update before his leave of absence. He talks about the internet. On the one hand Driscoll praises the value of the internet for making his message global. On the other hand Driscoll blames the internet for an unreasonable attack on him and his ministry. Actually, he seems to suggest that the internet is good for Jesus. Then he suggests the internet is bad for Jesus. The truth is, with more exposure comes more exposure. You can't expect to lay yourself out before the eyes of so many people without expecting your SELF to be laid out before the eyes of so many people. With fame comes scrutiny. You want to be watched? You will be watched! As an observer of what's happening at Mars Hill, I think the internet has served the larger human community well. It is a good thing that the ministry there has been exposed because it has motivated the larger human community to call it to account. Transparency. Accountability. These are good things. Things the church and its leaders should encourage and embrace themselves. Maybe one day Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill will say, "You know, as painful and humiliating as that whole episode was, we're now glad it happened. It made us change where we needed to change." You want to meet some incredibly transparent people? Join The Lasting Supper. I was very transparent in the writing and drawing of my graphic book, The Liberation of Sophia. My art is very transparent. Transparent watercolors, hahaha. Transparent moods! SHOP HERE!
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