the kind of faith that moves real mountains

This is a true story! An east Indian, Dashrath Manjhi, lost his wife to illness when the nearest doctor could not reach them on time. The only way for the doctor in the nearest town could attend the people of Dashrath's village was to travel around a mountain range, a distance of 75 kilometers. So to make sure this didn't happen again, Dashrath carved a road through the mountain. He did it with his own bare hands, working night and day for 22 years! He cut the distance down to 1 kilometer. Now that's the kind of faith that moves mountains. Literally! What mountains are you facing that not only require faith, but patience and hard work, to toss into the sea? --> An online friend has a daughter who is dealing with her own illness right now. She likes my cartoons. I think she wants to be an artist as well. She wanted to see how I did my cartoons, so I shot a video of me drawing this one. I'm going to post the video later today. I'm also giving her the original drawing of this cartoon. Get well my young friend!
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