The Left Behind movie and the selling of fear

Fear sells. When I was a youth the threat of being left behind was fed to me weekly. It was a part of my diet. I lived in fear. As a result, I was coerced into thinking, saying and doing things that provided me with some sort of tenuous guarantee that I wouldn't be left behind. The thing is, the more obedient you become the more obedient you're expected to be. The threats become more precise until every aspect of my life is under judgment and living in fear becomes absolute. Essentially, this is what religion does: it administers the disease, then provides the cure. That is, it makes you a sinner, then provides the forgiveness. It makes you afraid and offers the comfort. Movies like Left Behind cash in on this. Once someone catches the fear you're administering, you have their wallet. Are you trying to break free of this fear? I know others who are doing it or have already done it. Come join us at The Lasting Supper and let's talk about it.
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