The Limited Mind

Unless we radically change the way we do, or are the church, we are in trouble. We are doomed to the endless cycle of human invention, even if it is ingenious. The problem is that we only think inside the box. It is the mind s predicament to limit itself to the only categories it knows. It collects what the eyes see and the ears hear to assemble thoughts. The mind can only conceive of things it creates with the raw matter it receives. It can only construct with the materials it is given. Our minds have taken years building its arsenal of materials, components, and parts. The mind s thoughts have accumulated for years, and we are at least reluctant, if not vehemently opposed to, not using these accumulated materials to build our vision of what should be next. It is repugnant to our minds to consider for a second that it doesn t have the parts to conceive the next step. What if we for a moment truly leaned NOT on our own understanding, and put the mind at rest? What if we stopped our brains from working in their normal patterns? What if we considered that the answer lies beyond our thoughts, beyond our intelligence, beyond human wisdom? Are we finally tired of strategizing, brain-storming, envisioning, concocting, futuring, and paradigm-busting? I am! What about waiting? What about calming ourselves, stilling our minds, and simply allowing what has been prepared for us to be birthed in our midst? I for one believe that this is not only a more biblical posture, but all spirituality and religion aside a more humane one. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him (1 Corinthians 2:9).

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