The Lone Ranger and Proof Tonto is Jesus

The Lone Ranger because of it's deviation from the more Christian emphasis of the original film, as well as its dabbling in native spirituality and paganism. Plus, Christians, particularly Presbyterians, aren't put in a very complimentary light. I was Presbyterian for a while. Actually, that's who ordained me. Jeffrey Weiss, writing for Religion News, calls it a mess of a movie and basically blames it on the fact that it "thrashes Christianity" in his review, "'The Lone Ranger remake thrashes Christianity". Tyler O'Neil, writing for the Christian Post, delights in the fact that Despicable Me 2 crushes The Lone Ranger at the box office because it is more Christian. The Lone Ranger is "pagan" and "anti-Christian". Actually, Nathaniel Downes insights on the Christian Right's protest and dismissal of the movie are worth reading in his post, "Christians Go On the Attack Against 'Pagan' Lone Ranger":
"The point of the message within the film is lost on the very audience which needs it the most. The movie, while not a perfectly historical example, was actually quite accurate in its portrayal of white, Christian privilege which was rampant in the 19th century. It is a sad reminder of the atrocities humankind has done to itself, in the name of wealth and religion. To attack the movie for showing this is instead a reminder of the fanatical Christian Right, who would seek to restore this to the United States. The movie held up a mirror, and the reviewers stood in fear of their own reflections. The attempt to mis-label native spirituality, the attacks on the movies inclusion of historical accuracy, denote what is truly within their hearts. They are like a child who wishes to cling to tales and not an adult who wishes to learn. This is ultimately what is wrong with the Christian Right, they are, in the end, children who wish to never grow up."
Nailed it! I wasn't planning on seeing the movie, but now I will.
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