The Lucky Gays

"The Lucky Gays" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The CruciFiction: The COR Program (Cities of Refuge) was established a few years after the Overthrow to meet the unfortunate reality of the LGBTQ people, nicknamed ‚ÄúStrains‚Äù because they are a burden to the State and on Society. Each State is required to designate one city as a refuge for Strains. If no city volunteers then one is assigned this role. If the city does not maintain a population of at least 50,000 Strains then it is eliminated. Many citizens do their best to make this happen, which is why the population requirement is so low. The concept is based on the Old Testament Cities of Refuge where certain centers were designated a shelter for those who had committed manslaughter because blood vengeance was legal. Murderers could flee to those cities and find protection from revenge. Since Strains are considered not only abnormal but deviant they are deemed enemies of order and therefore quasi-criminal. But, since there is considerable underground opposition to this view of Strains and for the benefit of its reputation in the world, the State invented this alternative of isolation. If a gay person ventures outside of the walls of one of these cities it is most certainly fatal and probably suicidal. He would be left for dead wherever he was attacked and nothing would be done about it except the body would disappear overnight for disposal since Strains are not mentioned in any of the law books or courts or statutes or anything at all. Legally, they do not exist and therefore have zero rights outside of a COR. If you are a Strain then it is up to you to flee if you can once you turn 18 to one of these rumored cities in order to save yourself because outside of those walls no law prevents your persecution or death. The more conservative of the population resent the existence of these cities and take exception to the excuse that it is a necessary evil. But beware if you wander outside the city! The most dangerous place in all the world is just outside those walls‚ for those who venture out and for those who attempt approach for asylum. The more liberal of the population are proud of this measure and consider it compassionate and gracious for the State to provide pockets of refuge in a dark and dangerous world for those people. They consider Strains fortunate to have such a program devised for their protection. But to those living in the cities this is nothing new, for they'd always been the victims of the whimsy of those who hold power and have a voice in both the Church and the State. They are used to the constant insinuation that they are lucky to be alive.
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