The nakedpastor Debate

I'm changing the domain name of nakedpastor because of porn and accountability filters, and filters at work, schools and libraries, etc., that prevent my readers from accessing my site. I had a good amount of response on that post, and I appreciate them all. Basically, this is what it comes down to in my opinion: the regular reader, the "people", want me to stick with nakedpastor; the professionals (internet, publishing, branding, image, etc.) all say to switch to I must be honest: since nakedpastor has already established a kind of reputation and is already a brand, but because I'm still getting strong advice from the pros, I still haven't decided. I'm leaning, honestly, toward sticking with nakedpastor and damn the torpedoes! So here's my advice to you:
  1. When you go to this site, click on "subscribe & get nakedpastor in your email" button. That way you can access my daily content no matter where you are. This will bypass all filters. There are ways to overthrow the powers.
  2. Tell everyone around you at work and school and at home that nakedpastor is not a porn site, but a spiritual/religious one. Show them how innocuous it is. When I meet people and am introduced as "the nakedpastor", most of them know immediately what it means: "Here's a pastor who bares his soul!"
  3. Tell your pastors, family and friends about nakedpastor. Evangelize for me. Get them reading it. This way you are no longer a minority. Someone contacted me last night from Toronto and informed me that she is printing some of my cartoons and posting them on the bulletin board in the offices at the school where she works. People are starting to get it that nakedpastor ain't naughty. I mean, I am naughty, but not in that way.
  4. Please forgive the ads. The blog takes time and energy and work, and the slight income they might provide is helpful. I'd love to do everything for free but I can't. If a business wants to put ads on my site, I welcome them since many won't because of the word "naked". If there are any businesses or business people reading this, consider posting ads on my site.
  5. You can contact your filtering software to inform them that nakedpastor is friendly and not evil. I mean, there is the Naked Chef, the Naked Archeologist, the Naked Ape, The Naked Lunch, etc. In my opinion, naked ain't a bad thing. My wife agrees.
Chime in. What do you think?
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