the obscene practice of sucking up to authority

"Authority" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Buy a print of this cartoon! Use coupon "iwant" for 20% off all my art" HERE! I do remember the days when I bowed down to authority like the poor people in this cartoon are doing. I did it because it I was told it was required of me. Gradually, I began to see that this was a way to keep me submissive, a tool for the leader's benefit. This happens all the time, and I've seen a lot of it. Then one day I saw it happen in such a graphic way. The followers were all over him, so needy and begging for his love and attention and grace. He was taking it all in, bathing in his own glory. Many leaders, including Christian ones, assume that you should adore them and assume that you know this and assume that you will display this adoration without question. I think most of them aren't aware of this dynamic. It's one of the silent privileges of power that is just taken for granted and many people abide by. Not me. No longer. I intend to write more about this. As for that day, many years ago... that was the day I knew my unquestioning respect for and admiration of authority was done. It was finished. (Looking for a supportive community? The Lasting Supper is it! Please join us. You'll love it, I'm sure! CHECK US OUT HERE!
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