The Past Sneaks Up On Ya

I was baptized as an infant in the Anglican Church, came to faith in a Baptist, switched to Pentecostal with my parents to get the Spirit, went to seminary and fell in love with textual criticism and Reformed Theology, switched to Presbyterian and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 1987, and finally switched to Vineyard in 1995. My memories of the Presbyterian church are a mixture of fond and frustrating. But yesterday I received an email from a stranger who said he found my blog through the Presbyterian Record, the Presbyterian Church in Canada's monthly magazine. How strange is that? Fifteen years after I left and my blog finds its way into its magazine. The reviewer of my blog is a student at Presbyterian College at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I'm guessing he doesn't even know I graduated from there myself with a Masters  in 1987. You can read the short but favorable (I think "biting cartoons" is favorable) review here. Strange. That's all.
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