the perfect Christian body

Ha! This cartoon is based on a bunch of lies I was fed by the church by misled and misleading individuals. I kid you not, but I've been told all these things, so I decided to construct a conglomerate of them all. Here you go:
  1. "Worldly eauty is a distraction from the beauty of God's." (eyes)
  2. "Do not question authority!" (nose to smell a rat)
  3. "You must always carry the burdens of your brothers." (shoulders)
  4. "Your hands are only to receive from God and for giving to people." (right hand)
  5. "Women's breasts cause men to lust." (breasts)
  6. "There can be no sin in your life." (anus)
  7. "Emotions are evil and can lead us away from God." (heart)
  8. "Don't lean on your thoughts but lean on God."
  9. "Your feet are to only bring the good news." (feet)
  10. "Knees where made for kneeling in prayer." (knees)
  11. "Sex came after the fall so it is of our sinful nature." (genitals)
  12. "You must always examine yourself before the Lord." (navel)
  13. "Use your hands to hold God's Word." (left hand)
  14. "You are stiff-necked!" (neck)
  15. "If you aren't always joyful then you are not fully mature in the Lord." (smiley face)
  16. "Ears are for hearing God's word so that you may have faith." (ears)
I am fearfully and wonderfully made. That's what my wife Lisa says.
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