the pope versus the vatican

This is what it looks like in spite of all the apologetics that are going on surrounding the pope's declaration that even atheists are redeemed and the vatican explaining what he should have meant.

My theory is that the cardinals felt it was important to have a more down to earth pope, a man more in touch with real men and women, and less of an intellectual churchman like Benedict is.

It is appropriate that he is named Francis, after Saint Francis... a simple, humble man of the earth in touch with people and nature with a keen sense of common sense justice.

But what happens now is the vatican must scurry about correcting his statements. His simple, humane wisdom must be theologized to fall in line with the edicts.

The pope will continue making generous proclamtions out of the meekness of his heart, but the vatican will follow not far behind to martial them back in line with its tradition.

That's just my take.

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