The PPPs: The Pressure on Pastors to Perform

"The Pressure on Pastors to Perform" (click to get a print!) This really happened. Last night. A guy who is involved with the movie industry asked me this question: "David, have you ever acted?" I said, "I was a pastor for 30 years. Does that count?" Everyone in the room laughed. But it's true! The pressure pastors are under to perform and meet the demands and expectations of their churches is unbelievable. In fact, it was this pressure to abide the increasing disparity between who I was and who I was expected to be that finally did me in. Four years ago this month I left the professional ministry as a pastor of a local church. The immediate freedom I felt is portrayed in this cartoon. I'm aware that this doesn't just happen in ministry. It happens everywhere. Acting one way while being another is a human problem. But I believe this dynamic is especially powerful within the church and among clergy. It's also a huge problem among church members. Meeting the expectations of their pastors is enormous. I understand and I care. This is why I started my online community The Lasting Supper! GET A SIGNED REPRODUCTION OF THIS CARTOON! newsletter    art     community     books
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