The Rains Are Coming

We delivered canvas cots to another tent city this morning. It was scorching hot as we carried the beds up the hill through the mud to place them in a huge tarp building. Naked children wandered in the mud. They would just stop and stare at us. This city seemed better than the other ones we've been in. The poverty's just as severe, but there seems to be a stronger leadership in this one. There is a baker, a school, a church, a seamstress, plenty of goats and available water. There seemed to be a greater sense of community. I stood around with a few young men for a while just talking. They used broken English and I used broken French. We managed to understand each other. One young man, about 16 years old, asked where I was from and what I was doing here. I told him I was here with a mission to deliver beds. He then asked me if I loved Haiti. I said I did. He asked me if I love the Haiti people. I held back tears as I told him that I loved Haiti and the Haiti people, and that they are very beautiful. He said yes but they are broken. I said I want to help. He thanked me. We continued talking about the earthquake and his tent city. When I walked away they continued waving and smiling until I was up the hill and out of sight. The photo was taken yesterday at another tent city during the rain storm. This girl's beauty in the midst of such conditions struck me. Soon the rains will come in full force and the flooding will begin, introducing even more disaster, devastation and disease. I'm trying to get more photos up, but eight bloggers tax the bandwidth. Keep checking here. If you can please help, go here.
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