the real left behind

Whenever anyone says that the church has abandoned Jesus, I take that accusation seriously.

Lots of people notice... anyone from comedian Bill Maher who says that Christians obviously aren't following Jesus' instructions to Gandhi who said that he liked Christ but he did not like Christians because they are so unlike Christ... I take this seriously.

But so do church theologians who find clever ways to theologically explain away this incongruence... such as we are born miserable sinners and that is all the church is... a collection of miserable sinners, so don't expect too much of us.

There are slick theological loopholes available in abundance that will excuse us from taking Jesus seriously. And Buddha. And Mohammed. And Gandhi. And Bill Maher. And our neighbor. And ourselves.

Is it possible that divinizing Jesus allowed us to distance him from the realm of human possibility?

As the cartoon suggests, has Jesus been left behind?

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