the roads to hell the road to heaven

I'm a visual person. I see things. I picture things in my head and I have to say, write, draw, paint or sculpt them. My imagination must become an image. So when I see in picture form what many Christians believe about others then it graphically exposes the arrogance of that position. It certainly visualizes the myopia. Doesn't it throw it into question for you? Of course, the word "Christian" can be replaced with pretty much any of the other labels from the left. And the word "heaven" can be replaced with "reward for being right". It's all the same. We are all within the large square. It's called "life" or "the world". And all those words we play with are sometimes convenient but frequently divisive labels that help us feel significant in the midst of chaos and fear. In the end, I don't agree with the saying "All roads lead to Heaven." Or Hell for that matter. I've come to conclude that there is no road. Truth is a pathless land (Krishnamurti). Buy a print of this cartoon.
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