The Scriptures Versus Love Cartoon & Apology

/strong> I need to apologize for a cartoon I posted the other day, "Love Versus Scripture". Although it was not drawn with antisemitic intent, it certainly could be interpreted that way, which is a sign I inadvertently conveyed a common bias of Christianity that generally understands the Jews of the Christian scriptures in a negative light. When I was in seminary studying for my Masters in New Testament Studies, I became aware of the antisemitic bias in Christianity and swore to fight against that in my own mind and in the minds of others. I disappointed myself. It just reminds me again that we have to stay diligent about not mindlessly adopting prevailing biases‚ something we are all prone to do. Today's cartoon is what I originally saw in my imagination, but I went down another path when I drew it. My intent was to contrast two different qualities of hermeneutics, not two different qualities of people. I wanted to show a certain occasion on a certain day of Jesus with his contemporaries challenging them on their hermeneutic. Some gospel stories relate these kinds of interactions. But my attempt to draw this was poor, it was not clear, and it can be interpreted to express an antisemitic bias that is harmful and needs to stop. It is important to me that I be compassionate, thoughtful, and careful, especially when expressions of antisemitism are on the rise. So, I want to thank the thoughtful people who pointed out the danger of my original cartoon. You have helped me be a better communicator. I want to contribute to making this a better world for all, and in this situation you gave me some guidance on how to do that. So, thank you very much. Although the original cartoon is already out there on the internet, I've removed my own postings of that cartoon.
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