the stupidity of theological explanations abounds

Last night I posted an update on my Facebook page:
"Why does the intensity of a tragedy increase the intensity of theologically stupid statements?"
It received over 320 likes and 45 comments so far. So I dug up this older cartoon I did in the wake of the big tsunami years ago. Who are we to blame for the bombings? Gays? Muslims? Sinners? They're all right! Westboro Baptist plans on picketing the funerals of those who were killed in the bombings because surprise, surprise,
"God allowed the city of Boston to be attacked because Massachusetts was the first state in the US to legalize same-sex marriage."
And we all knew Pat Robertson would have to say something. He didn't quite say it, but we all know who he is implicating when he says,
"that somebody would be so vicious, so evil as to want to kill little children, and maim families who were there rejoicing in a sporting contest on a beautiful day in Boston, it just makes you sick at your stomach. Don't talk to me about religion of peace, no way."
Or, as Mattie Montgomery says, don't bother to ask God for help if you aren't saved:
"It's interesting to see how quickly a nation that mocks and opposes God in times of peace will turn to "prayer" in a moment of tragedy. We cannot claim the benefits of a covenant with God if we do not keep a covenant with God!"
I bother to address these things because they are dangerous ideas that are harmful. And these people promoting these bad ideas have influence and followers. I'd like to see that change. You saw my cartoon this morning didn't you, "The Meaning of Suffering and Theological BS"? The BS Meter? Mine's very active right now. Yours?
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