The Three Ways to Grow Down the River of Life

"The River of Life" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward There are many ways to grow. Here are three! You can gently float down the stream of life. Or you can paddle. Or you can motor. I've done all three. Floating is good for just gently letting life take you where it leads. No effort. No real work. Just living life. I've had many periods of floating through life many times. Growth is slow, meandering, and effortless. It's almost unconscious. And it's free. You still have to be careful of the rocks and twists and turns as well as others, but even if there's a little mishap there's no damage. I love helping people float just by putting stuff out there every day for people to enjoy at their leisure. Paddling is good for when you want to choose your course more directly and move a little faster. It takes some work. It takes effort. It takes more intentionality. It's for when you know you have to process through something and you don't want it to last too long. It's more conscious. But you still have to look out for rocks, etc., because when you're going a little faster there can be more damage to yourself. More care is required. For me paddling means spending a little money on resources‚ like a good paddle (yes, there are good ones and bad ones)‚ or a small, interactive group that can encourage me and hold me accountable to myself. So, I love helping people paddle. These people want more hands-on help. This is why I provide my online community The Lasting Supper. They are grateful for TLS because they say to me they're growing at a faster rate and appreciate the more direct help so that they can be more intentional on how fast they grow and where they want to end up. But when you want to get through a transition quick, when you want to grow fast, then motoring is the best way. This is super-conscious and very intentional. You don't want to fool around, you know you need to change, you know it's going to hurt, and so you gas up and get do the work of self-awareness and self-transformation. Even more care is required for dangers along the way because serious damage can occur if you slip up. Motoring is much more exciting and more expensive, and there have been times in my life when I've put the money down to do it. In fact, I'm doing that right now with a coach. So, I love helping people motor. These are the people who aren't messing around and want to grab the wheel of their lives and destinies and get on with it. They are very intentional and want one-on-one help. I've seen people cut down their journeys from say three years to three months by motoring! Ask me about it my spiritual freedom coaching! All three work. All three have their own pleasures, dangers, and advantages. Which way are you going down the river of life right now?
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