The Triple Tragedy of The Nashville Statement

"The Nashville Statement" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The Triple Tragedy of the Nashville Statement 1. The Theological Tragedy: The American Evangelical leaders' explicit exclusion of LGBT+ people and implicitly their advocates from the Church, Christianity, and Christ, and their condemnation of the same, exposes their statement as prejudiced, judgmental, and inhumane. 2. The Pastoral Tragedy: The timing of the release of this statement in the middle of a national crisis betrays the lack of pastoral care of its authors, also demonstrated in the statement itself. 3. The Prophetic Tragedy: If the authors attempted to model their statement after the Barmen Declaration, also with its affirmations and denials, that was written to challenge the German church's collaboration with the Nazi state, they in fact did the exact opposite by failing to address the American evangelical church's silence and even collusion in the rise of fascism, hate, and discrimination in the United States.
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