The Vulnerability of LGBTQ+ Believers

The Vulnerability of LGBTQ+ Believers

"The Vulnerability of LGBTQ+ Believers" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


Some believers, church goers, and church leaders do not understand the personal trauma of LGBTQ+ people who desire to be a part of a church community.

Because they've never experienced being marginalized, excluded, or restricted because of who they are.

It's not just the feeling that you're having a hard time fitting in or integrating into the community or getting involved in leadership, but that there is an actual agenda from the leadership on down to prevent it from happening.

Imagine not just feeling not welcomed, but resisted!
Imagine not just feeling marginalized, but blocked!
Imagine not just feeling misunderstood, but damned!

It's too bad too many believers lack empathy.

Because I'm convinced that if they felt what our LGBTQ+ neighbors are feeling, it might actually change their theology and then their polity.

( is a community that endeavors to be as healthy as possible, and we are on a journey to become so. If you're looking for a place to become more yourself, join us. We'll welcome you with open arms.)

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