Theologians and the God Guessers

(*** You can purchase a fine art reproduction of this cartoon in my store!) You've heard the story of the blind men who were standing around an elephant trying to describe what they were feeling. One thought a tree. Another thought a snake. Another thought a mountain. Whenever I draw a cartoon or write a post, I always try to write from a humble posture. I don't always succeed. But I try. Because I know all too well that we are all just guessing. One guess might be better than another. But it is still a guess. I think we forget that. I've also concluded that theology can be misleading in its promises. When the bible says that even the devils believe yet tremble, it means that just because you believe the right things doesn't necessarily make you right or even good. I like what the philosopher Slavoj Žižek says: "As I always repeat, what we philosophers can do is just correct the questions." I want to respond to John MacArthur's opinion of Charismatics as summarized by Tim Challies. In his assertions I believe he got something terribly wrong. Stay tuned for that later today.
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