Theology: Why So Serious?

"God's Light Reading" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Wouldn't this be great to hang in your study as a reminder to not take yourself too seriously in your theological endeavors? Or give the original drawing to a theologian friend of yours! (GO HERE!) Thomas Aquinas 1225-1274), in his final days, confessed, ‚ÄúAll I have written seems like straw to me.‚Äù Karl Barth 1886-1968) imagined that the angels laughed among themselves when they saw him pushing his cart-load of¬†Church Dogmatics. In fact, Barth believed that ‚ÄúHumor is the opposite of all self-admiration and self-praise‚Äù (CD¬†III/4, p. 665). Scientists abide by a code that all conclusions are falsifiable. That is, they are always provisional and will likely be disproven as further discoveries and conclusions are made. It's the same with theology. Not that all that has gone before is rejected, for theology develops, as science does, by building on what has preceded. Conclusions are to held lightly. So‚ let's laugh together!
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