Tony Campolo changes his mind. Again.

<Get ANY of my art 35% OFF code "wowza"! >Tony Campolo (I misspelled his name in the cartoon and title. My apologies.) came out the other day with a statement saying that" he's changed his mind and thinks the church should include gay and lesbian couples. There are some happy and hopeful responses to his statement, such as Brandon Roberston's. There are also some responses that express disappointment and raise insightful questions, such as Eliel Cruz's. What I appreciate most is Campolo's willingness to change. My observation is that many theologians, etc., don't change their minds, but if they do they are hesitant" to admit it. I think there is a lot of pressure on theologians to be certain and sure... like their God who never changes. They may be afraid of giving the impression that they are wishy-washy. It takes a certain kind of courage to let people watch you change, to see you progress, and even to observe you publicly struggle with your theology. So, even though Campolo's statement falls short of full inclusion and full equal rights for all LGBTQ people, it does suggest that he's on a continuum that will eventually lead him there. He seems to be that kind of person. And I admire that.
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