Tony Jones is trying to scrub the internet!

"Burying the Truth" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Tony Jones is employing every resource possible to silence his ex's story. Here is a letter from his lawyer...
"... asking his ex-wife to delete her comments wherever she has tried to tell her story online. This is a severe silencing attempt, and feels like bullying, since many would obey an attorney's request as if it were a court order. But it is not an order at all. Whether you take down is entirely at your discretion. If ordered to remove, you have a solid First Amendment case not to." (Stuff Christian Culture Likes)
You must read it! It all began with this post where he made a comment and his ex followed suit and began to tell her story. Since then, as the letter indicates, there are about 55 different people mentioned, and 165+ URLs named. He would like any mention of him and his ex scrubbed from all my sites and every site on the internet. That would be thousands of references. If I included all my sites that they listed (they didn't even list them all), the task would be monumental. Plus, the number of my cartoons and posts that people have shared beyond me just makes this an outrageous request impossible to fulfill. I've been reading up on scrubbing the internet. It's what New Yorker Magazine calls "black-ops reputation management". As this article says...
"the internet may forgive, but it never forgets. You can't force amnesia on the internet, so you're best off not even trying."
In fact, what usually happens is what is called The Streisand Effect. When she tried to scrub a story from the internet, it had the reverse effect and just made it more public. This is exactly what is going to happen to this story. It is just going to become more public. Things will get worse. Again, this is what I've said from the beginning, so I'm going to write it in bold font: This is not about the messy breakup of a marriage, but the attempt to cover up the abuse involved. This is just more of the same, ramped up and on steroids. Some may comply because they are afraid, or may not realize that this isn't being required of them, or out of wanting to please Tony, etcetera. I know I'm afraid. This is no longer about the freedom of speech of one woman to tell her story, but the freedom of speech for hundreds of people, including those who advocate for survivors of abuse and combat attempts to silence and shame them. So, this has become a personal attack on my freedom of speech too! My intentions are to not be silenced myself, and to continue to provide places for people to share their experiences, like here on nakedpastor and in my online community, The Lasting Supper. So far so good.
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