too bad women teachers have bodies

I want to thank Rachel Held Evans for being a part of the inspiration behind this cartoon. In a recent post of hers, The Absurd Legalism of Gender Roles: Exhibit C--"As Long As I Can't See Her ", she said,
Piper is essentially arguing that so long as he does not have to acknowledge my humanity, so long as I keep a safe distance so he is unaware of the pitch of my voice and the presence of my breasts, he can, perhaps, learn something about the Bible from me.
Of course, being an artist, my mind pictures these things. And, being an artist, my mind embellishes it. So I had to add the other part. I wrote a critique of a 3 minute interview of Piper on Youtube where he seems to betray his assumption that guys always think about sex and that women should not teach men authoritatively. I pick on Piper's theology, as well as people like Driscoll, because they represent a huge part of the Christian culture. They are looked up to as male role models within the Church and offer themselves as such. That makes their ideas fair game.
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