total & unaccountable power

One of the most unsettling things to experience is dealing with corruption in power. Like friends of my son who were in Mexico recently. They were just outside of the resort area on the beach at night and were stopped by a group of policemen. The cops accused them of urinating in the water. Everyone knew this was a farce. But the police proceeded to arrest them and throw them in jail. One of the cops finally suggested giving them all their American money and they'd be free to go with a warning. The tourists and the police finally separated after hundreds of dollars changed hands. Total. Unaccountable. This kind of power is frightening to meet with. How many people are in churches were the pastor is unaccountable? Where the pastor's power is total? The only power above the pastor is God, and God's silence seems to imply endorsement and collaboration. There's no recourse. You either comply or you are thrown out. I've experienced this kind of power over and over again in the church. It's ugly and frustrating. Check out my new products page and my new services page.

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