Touching God's Anointed

Touching God's Anointed

touching gods anointed cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

A woman says to another, “But the pastor warned me that I shall not touch God’s anointed!” Her friend says, “Well he sure felt he had the right to touch you!”


When the pastor said we shall not touch God’s anointed, he was warning us not to question, challenge, or oppose him.

It came with the threat of death.

It’s based on a warning to not touch God’s anointed or his prophets. And the story of a messenger reporting to David that he killed Saul. David asked how he had the nerve to touch God’s anointed then killed him.

Authoritarian pastors use this to claim they are untouchable, protected and established in their leadership unquestionably.

They enjoy the divine right of kings.

I’ve seen domineering pastors lead with impunity, knowing people wouldn’t dare challenge them.

I’ve experienced leaders who abuse their people with zero accountability and the response is silence.

When I’ve challenged such leaders it’s lead to, not my physical death, but my rejection from the community. My removal proved to them that touching so-called God’s anointed leads to a social death. The ensuing suffering that I and my family experienced lead to a kind of spiritual death, further verification that God was punishing me for touching his anointed.

Two false assumptions need to exist for this to work:

  1. The leader has the divine right to hurt you;
  2. You deserve to be hurt.

When you realize that no one has the right to hurt you and that you never deserve to be hurt, the façade disappears.

You can and will speak truth to power!

You will suffer consequences inflicted, not by God, but by the people who maintain and protect the façade and its anointed leaders.

But you will be free!


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