Trump, Evangelicals, and the Reversal of Policies

"Reversal of Policies" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward GET THIS PRINT! Originally, this cartoon had Jesus saying, "And Falwell is reversing all mine!" Even though I believe that's true, I think this one is more applicable these days, and I find it very concerning. *** PROMOTION: Are you feeling lonely after leaving the church? I know I did. But I don't any more. Two years after I left the ministry and the church, I launched The Lasting Supper, an online community for people deconstructing their believes and their relationship to Christianity and the church. Even though it is an online community and not a face-to-face one, it really does fill a void for many of us. We really do care for one another and endeavor to show mutual respect in all our discussions. Check us out!
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