Trumplike Christlike

"Trumplike Christlike" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I'm not a political cartoonist.

However, when politics and religion intersect in a critical way, I will engage.

Like these days, I'm hearing a lot about how Christlike Trump is.

I thought, "If people actually believe Trump is Christlike, then they probably should believe Christ is Trumplike!" 

So I drew this cartoon to illustrate that idea.

But I realized, as I was drawing it, that there are a lot of people who actually DO believe their God is demanding, angry, irrational, vindictive, destructive, narcissistic, rude, straight white male, shows favor to his favorites, and so on.

Then I concluded that there are some people who might get my point in this cartoon, but others who will wonder what my point is because they totally agree with it.

And that's sad.

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Heartbreaking. This is one reason churches are failing.


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