Unexpected Awards with Unexpected Rewards

I am so honored and humbled to share with you that nakedpastor is one of the winners of the 2007 Millennia Awards. They are awarded to virtual communities...
that excel in passionate conversation while remaining hospitable, charitable, and beneficial to all participants. Millennia Awards are given to participatory communities which bridge superficial cultural and religious divides - exploring commonality as much as difference; maintaining fresh, creative, missional formats accessible and relevant to a diverse audience; remaining sensitive to our shared humanity and common need for grace as we learn and grow together.
I have found it rather interesting that such a vast variety of people participate in nakedpastor, from atheists to fundamentalists. You can find the other five winners here. Thanks John and Cynthia! The prize money will be put to good use. Also, a book I wrote a chapter in, Volume One of the Wikiklesia Project, Voices of the Virtual World, was honored last Wednesday evening in Boston with an Award of Merit by the Society for New Communications Research. You can read more about it here. Anyway, I'm frantically trying to update my house. An appraiser is coming in tomorrow. If he appraises it high enough we might be able to consolidate some of our debt. In the process, I cut my baby finger on my left hand to the bone with a piece of glass out of a window. You wouldn't believe how important that finger is for typing! So I'll say goodbye for now. I'll try to be back in full swing tomorrow.
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