unfaithful pastors: at least they're not gay or atheist

NOW! >The word out is that over 400 pastors and church leaders are resigning tomorrow because the fact that they had accounts on Ashley Madison, the infidelity website, was been exposed. I'm not throwing stones here. Adultery happens. A lot. Unfaithfulness and infidelity is popular. It can happen to anyone. What interests me is how we deal with it. I have drawn several cartoons around this whole hack. It's a fascinating study in human nature. And it just seems to be getting weirder and weirder. Like, for example, the fact that the membership was almost all men and the few women accounts, in comparison, were fake or dormant. Or that men paid and women didn't. Men were either flirting amongst themselves or with Ashley Madison staff. Or with women in the business of providing online encounters. And so on. This cartoon, though, addresses another issue altogether: the equating of identity with "sin". I bet many of these pastors who have A.M. accounts will repent, get restored, and resume their lives. Good luck if you come out as a gay person or a person who questions orthodox beliefs. In fact, that's the subject of another cartoon. The truth is, many pastors are gay or atheist, etcetera, and are closeted. They wouldn't dare come out because of the consequences. It is real, just concealed. *** I want to invite you to join the incredibly diverse community, The Lasting Supper. We'll personally welcome you.
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