Unfinal Fantasy

One of the greatest enemies of the church is fantasy. Just like fantasy is one of the greatest enemies of a marriage. Dissatisfied with reality, we create a fantasy of what we desire. The greater the fantasy, the greater the gulf between reality and the fantasy, the greater the dissatisfaction. It eventually ends in fracture, divorce, neurosis, spiritual death, all wrapped in a candy coating of quick recovery and delicious denial. This doesn't mean we shouldn't work on our reality. Last night our church had an Open Round Table where we discussed how we are doing. Lisa and I, at times, need to sit down and ask ourselves if our marriage is healthy. Are we spending enough time together? Are we communicating? Is there anything we are overlooking? Are we being truthful to who we are, with ourselves and with one another? And these are questions we really do ask ourselves. But the worst thing I could do is to say to her something like, "Can you be more sexy, like Rachel McAdams?" Fantasy is common fare. It is the air we breathe. And I find the church the perfect breeding ground for its propagation. We are aswim in fantasy and don't even know it. Prayer, bible study, worship, fellowship. It doesn't get any better than that.* But we wish it would. (*Some might wonder where "mission" is. In my opinion, if we did these four things, our mission is accomplished. Being is doing.)
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