Vicky Beeching and coming out means living out

It's one thing to come out. It's another thing to live out. I do understand these are two totally different kinds of coming out. But there are similarities. Once you come out, it's not over! It's just beginning. Yes, it takes incredible courage to reveal who you are. But this courage, once you come out, is just beginning to be employed because you're committing yourself to a way of life... a life where you can now enjoy being who you are without living under constant edit, a life where you can receive encouragement and support to be who you are from good" people, but also a life of constant ridicule, criticism, and even attack. This is why I admire Vicky Beeching for what she did and what she's doing. I encourage you to read the post because it reveals not only her personal fears leading up to her necessary coming out, but the personal resilience it takes for her to live out. Before she came out, it cost her dearly... emotionally, spiritually, mentally. After she came out, it costs her dearly... emotionally, spiritually, mentally, plus financially, socially, vocationally, and so on. I personally know what it's like, once I let myself show, to receive incredible love and support from people, but also to receive devastating hate and criticism from others. It's 24/7. Stories like this are inspirations for everyone. Being who you are is not a one time deal. It's a life choice. I admire those who are doing it, support those who are trying, and encourage those who are still afraid of stepping into that kind of ring. I understand. Meet others who totally understand at The Lasting Supper!
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