Vicky Beeching: come out and kicked out

"Vicky Beeching" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward I find the story of Vicky Beeching very poignant. Sad. Meaningful. But I also find it increasingly typical. Beeching was kicked out long before she was, and she intuitively knew it. If you read between the lines of the story that is similar across all news releases, you will see what I mean. Some people would argue that she did this to herself. That she kicked herself out. From a very early age she suspected she didn't fit in. She went the usual route of repentance and forgiveness. Confession. Exorcism. Finally, forced to be honest with herself after a bout with a serious illness, she came to terms. She came out. I celebrate this with her. What I find sad about her story is that even though she feels a part of the evangelical family, she also feels like she doesn't belong. Who did she go to for confession? Where did she find people to talk to about it? Where does she feel safe going to church? All outside her evangelical family. Why I find this sad is because I know how she feels. I didn't come out as gay, but I came out theologically at a great cost. Even though I still love my evangelical family, specifically the Vineyard church, for the most part I am safer not being a part of it. Even though I identify strongly with that family that I left, I don't feel embraced by it any longer. I do by some individuals, but not by the family as a whole. Many of you know exactly what I mean. I admire the courage of Beeching. She is fully aware of what this may cost her. Of course, she already came out to save her life. But she knows that her music will be removed from the song lists of many churches, and that essentially the way she makes a living... her royalties... will stop. May a better way appear to her! Do you struggle with your sexuality? Join us at The Lasting Supper! You will be met with care and understanding. You can also read my story, The Liberation of Sophia... about how I came out theologically, escaped, and became free!
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