waiting for new life

"Talitha Koum" is what I call my drawing. It is based on Mark's account of Jesus raising the little girl from death. He pronounced over her "Talitha Koum", which means, "Little girl, arise!" "Waiting" isn't really accurate. When you are dead you aren't aware of it. You are completely dead... spiritually, consciously, physically. But when you hear the call "Arise!". I have experienced what Paul calls "resurrection power". I cannot really categorize it. All I know is that once I was dead and now I'm alive. I can say that now. Looking back. Comparing now to then. While I was dead I was completely unaware of it. Dead. But one day while I was sitting on the couch talking with my wife, I suddenly, shockingly, surprisingly, disgustingly, realized I was dead. And it was at that very moment when I was suddenly offered the gift of a new life. So be encouraged: once you know you are dead, that is actually the moment when the words "Arise!" have been spoken over you. You are no longer dead. You are beginning to receive the gift of new life. Believe me: if you know you are dead, you are no longer. You are alive! Then begins the work. A very joyous kind.
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