Want to be Wise? Start by Unlearning!

"Start Unlearning" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Get this cartoon drawing¬†HERE. I spent the first part of my life learning. The next part I wrestled with what I thought I knew. For the last while I've been unlearning everything I thought was true. We call this deconstruction. This is something we talk about a lot in my online community The Lasting Supper‚ that life after church and after the deconstruction of belief can be much simpler, less complicated, and maybe even boring. To come to the realization that there is just life is quite a sobering development.¬†I think that's good. The word is not the thing. What is beyond the word? What's behind the idea? What is all your learning blinding you to? The old man in this cartoon has learned that once you attach a belief to a thought, you create suffering. He doesn't want his kids to suffer. SO‚ Happy Unlearning! (I know some of you are thinking of joining The Lasting Supper, but are nervous and maybe shy. I get it! But I do everything I can to make people feel as comfortable as possible. If you'd like to talk with me first, email me!)
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