War and Peace

The last two weeks away from home have been amazing. I was dreading it at first because:
  1. I had just left the professional ministry and was feeling completely spent;
  2. I don't like being away from my wife and family for that long;
  3. I knew that Haiti isn't always the safest place in the world;
  4. I was nervous about how the other team members would receive me;
  5. I had just had hernia repair surgery 4 weeks prior and wasn't operating at 100%;
  6. I was anticipating an emotional roller-coaster ride (I'm not crazy about roller-coasters although I always want to ride them).
I went to Haiti first with Adventures in Missions to help launch the churchtochurch program. It was an absolute shock to my system. Not only was there a war going on in my own heart and mind, but I felt like I was in a war-zone. However, in the midst of such devastation I began feeling more free, less stressed, happier and even looking younger. That's right. I had several people tell me over the last two weeks that I was looking younger every day. It's because I'm feeling younger. I am passionate about going into disaster zones to help and raise help in any way I can. I believe that is going to be in my future. Haiti changed me in ways I've yet to clarify and understand. But I am not the same person as the one who went. I wondered about sharing this next paragraph with you because I know the reaction it might get from some. I know what my attitude was about it, and if yours is anything like mine was, I understand. From Haiti I flew back from Toronto to attend a Millionaire Mind Intensive weekend that my oldest son Joshua invited me to go to. He is so into this stuff. But I've always been very very suspicious of all that it. I was extremely skeptical about the whole thing. I was terribly reserved and cautious at first, but after a while I became fully involved in the program. I knew going into it that my attitude about money was horrible. I ate the meat and spit out the bones. There was a heck of a lot of meat. I want to tell you all: my mind was actually changed. I'm grateful. I profusely thank my son for taking me. I came home with the clarity about what I am about. I am going to build nakedpastor to help and serve others. I heard a voice say in my heart years ago: "The world is your parish." I am a pastor at heart. My definition of a pastor is someone who helps others be free to be transformed spiritually. So that's what I am going to do. I am passionate about helping everyone in the world, no matter of what faith or no faith, to be free to be transformed spiritually. My cartoons and art and music and writing and teaching... everything I do... will all serve this passion of mine to serve others. I am at peace. I took this photo with my iPhone on the way home last night. It is taken near the Gagetown army base in New Brunswick, Canada. A bit of a trick while driving. I'm glad I caught the helicopter between the two rainbows. I wanted to capture the contrast of war with beauty. Kind of like my trip.
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