WARNING: Questions Will Lead You Astray

Questions are the Answer" (available on Amazon).

It's amazing how many people respond by saying their church invites people to ask questions.

I've been in such churches.

So I ask them, "Are you allowed to change your beliefs? What if your questions lead you away from their statement of faith? What if you decide that in order to grow you have to move on?" Questions like that.

Unsurprisingly, most admit that they're allowed to ask questions, but not THOSE kinds of questions.

In other words, the kinds of questions most people are permitted to ask are only ones that will entrench what they already believe.

In other words, the kinds of questions that are allowed aren't ones that cause you to question your faith but ones that prove it.

But you must ask honest questions... the scary kind that don't promise you where you'll end up.

Because, in order to grow, you must be pulled deeper into the mystery of truth.

And deeper is always scarier.

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