we no longer stone now we stonewall

This cartoon today was inspired by my friend Kimberly Knight, a woman in ministry who is a lesbian. She wrote an articulate Facebook update yesterday:
"I am tired of being petulantly asked by conservative and moderate folks 'where is the inclusiveness?' and 'where is the tolerance?' when I am standing up for my own inclusion and what I will no longer tolerate is the degradation of my humanity Those are the straw men of the privileged the when their right to be exclusive and intolerant is being challenged by those they'd keep silent."
It has been said, "Faith without works is dead." I suggest that the modern translation should be, "Words without works are dead." Love is not just a feeling. It's an action. If good intentions don't translate into good policies then they are just pavement on the road to Hell. I am saddened but not surprised that a church not far from me has dismissed a volunteer with its children's ministries because he's gay. Colin can still attend the church. He just can't serve it. Why? The pastor responded: "Having an openly gay male working in the children's ministry may cause some parents to feel uncomfortable." Yes! Comfort above all. Colin can be. He just can't do. I like the new pope. His words and actions are refreshing. However, I'm aware, as many are, that he is leading and serving a system notorious for its inability and unwillingness to change its historic stand on key issues such as the rights of reproduction, of the LGBTQs, and of women in church leadership. Millions like me wait to witness the loving words manifest into loving ways. Some might challenge my cartoon by saying, "Isn't that kind of brutal? We're not killing gay people!" But I volley the challenge back. Where does murder begin? In the mind! The person is dead to you in your mind before he becomes dead to you in your hands. The murder that begins with a social separation must end with a physical one. I used to think that the way to achieve true equality for all begins in the mind, then socially, then politically. Now I'm beginning to believe that it must also work the other way around. Establish a policy of equality that creates social equality that in turn may inspire the changing of minds. Either way, I'm tired of posturing. It's time for policies. (*** An invite: Are you looking for a safe place to come out sexually or spiritually? Come join all of us over at The Lasting Supper.)
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