welcome to The Lasting Supper

I launched davidhayward.ca as a site where I could provide my resources to help people through spiritual transition. Instead, what happened was that a community started to form. I love it, but it felt weird that it was gathering around my name because it was clear it wasn't about me. It was about the community. So, with the help of creative geniuses and experts, we've migrated everything over to the new domain name, theLastingSupper.com. I love it. So do the members. We are amazed and pleased. One of the questions I get is, "Why the subscription fee when I can join other communities online for free?" This is my answer:
  1. It provides a gateway, inexpensive but effective, to ensure that those who join are serious about abiding by the values of the community. It really does work in providing a way of keeping the community safe.
  2. There are people whoworkaround the clock to create, develop and maintain the site and make it a valuable resource to its members. They need to eat and so do their children.
  3. It's a community with a growing library of resources available to members for free that non-members pay for.
I love nakedpastor and continue to devote my efforts in doing what I do here. But now I feel like I've achieved a kind of balance by starting this other site... a safe place for people to process their spirituality independently along with others in a non-confrontational environment. If you feel it sounds like something you would benefit from and would like to contribute to, then come on over and join us.
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