well developed women

For many it doesn't matter if a person is well developed spiritually or intellectually or has developed excellent leadership skills. If this person has developed breasts and female genitalia then it invalidates the former. This person's unsuitable for ministry because she's a she. Gender trumps intelligence, spiritual maturity and leadership. It is said that we are just talking about someone's role, not their value. It is insisted that they still appreciate intelligent, mature, strong women, but that their place has been assigned by scripture and that has to be observed. I'm still giggling about the cartoon I did Monday, "too bad women teachers have bodies" because not everyone got that I had drawn female breasts and genitalia, but saw an owl or some such thing. Maybe that's good? Maybe it served as a Rorschache Test and outed those who are aware of the problems with misogynist theology. Or...? The person in the cartoon above is well developed. This person is intelligent. This person has some degrees too. This person is spiritually mature and wise and has ministry experience from when this person was a student. This person has strong leadership skills. This person has all the tools needed to help men and women in their spiritual walk. But... this person is, well, developed in other ways that nullify her gifts. It all depends on how you're endowed.
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