What I Do About "Belief"

What I Do About "Belief"

"Belief Post-Belief" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I've noticed‚ with myself and others‚ that people who go through the deconstruction have a difficult time with the word‚ belief.

Are you still a believer?‚ they asked.

Um, they answer.

Do you believe in God?‚ they asked.

Well‚ they answer.

People who deconstruct are no longer satisfied with yes or no questions and refuse to conform to black and white answers.

I've decided this is okay.

When you listen to the wisest people who have lived and live among us, they are just as frustratingly slippery with their answers.

Because deconstruction pulls us beyond dualism into a more paradoxical wisdom.

And a healthy wisdom accepts, embraces, and assimilates all that's gone before. All that I was and am and will be is included into the whole of who I am. 

This is the explanation behind this cartoon. 

I recently explained it this way:

I used to be inside a cup of belief. But now what I know fills the sea! I do not throw away that cup of water I used to believe. Rather, it gets subsumed into the sea. The sea embraces it all. I do not reject it. It gets absorbed into all that I am. All that we are. All that is.

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