What if Jesus was an ugly baby?

"Ugly Baby Jesus" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Really, apparently, there are no ugly babies. And if there are you should never ever say so. But poor Joseph couldn't help himself. He saw what he saw. He couldn't just turn a blind eye. If God is the creator of all things, and if God is the father of this little boy, then shouldn't thing be looking a little more promising? I mean, if God is the author and finisher, shouldn't everything be just perfect? This question has vexed us since the beginning. It's the problem of evil. It's called theodicy. Terry Eagleton's book On Evil, is one of the most readable studies on it. The problem of evil is a reality, a real force in the world, where some people delight in destruction and creating ugliness around them. Anywhere from resorting to there is no God all the way to resorting to silly and meaningless theological platitudes, and everything in between, to try to make sense of it. Sorry... all this from a silly cartoon about if Jesus was an ugly baby.
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