What if the rapture really did happen already?

"The Rapture Happened" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward I didn't expect it, but it surely happened. When we left the ministry and the church, BOOM!, we lost pretty much all our friends. I completely understand it. Most people just felt awkward around us. Most people just don't know what to do with me. Am I a believer? Am I an atheist? Or a compromising agnostic? What am I? I don't seem to be embraced by believers. I don't seem to be embraced by atheists. I know! I'm the one who left. But, again, I didn't expect the huge loss of friends. Poof! They're gone. Starting over. Finding new ones. Oh, we have a few friends from those days, but they are on journeys similar to mine. I know I talk about my online community The Lasting Supper a lot. It's because I believe in it. It's helping so many people with issues such as this one... the loss of friends, starting over, making new ones, living a life during and after deconstruction. I've made life-long friends there, and I'm confident you will too. Come join us. I will make you feel welcomed!
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