What I'm About

A primary concern of mine as a pastor, and always has been, is encouraging people who feel spiritually disqualified. There are a lot of them. Religious communities are often very specific on what their members are to believe and how they are to behave. Conformity is usually the strongest dynamic at work. So when an individual finally realizes that her beliefs have been prescribed and her behavior censured, she has a choice. She either continues in her conformity or, usually at great cost, she examines, explores and expresses her own beliefs and exercises, experiments and embraces her own behavior. What I see happen most of the time is this person is made to feel uncomfortable and eventually unwelcome in the community. But again, she has a choice. She can choose to boldly continue in her independence and with courage and joy nurture her own spiritual life. Or, as I see happen most of the time, she will continue to allow the condemnation of the community to darken the skies above her and dampen her spirit and cause her to feel spiritually disqualified. This is what I'm about: to free people within communities whether it means they stay or have to detach; and, once they are individually free, encourage them in their new-found spiritual liberty. Please join my newsletter to receive my daily cartoon in your mailbox for free, as well as qualify you to enter my Freebie Friday contest to win one of my original paintings. Thanks everyone!

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