What is Your Theology Box?

"Theology Box" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

"What is Your Theology Box?"

The theology box store owner warns his next customer: “Be careful which one you pick. You’ll be in it for the rest of your life.”

Living through crises such as the one we're in right now should force us to think outside of our tidy little boxes. 

But, people don’t want to change their minds. It’s too uncomfortable. It’s too humiliating. It’s too… hard!

If I hadn’t changed my mind I’d still be believing the very same things I believed in as a child.

Some people think that’s a virtue… to think like a child… to never waver in your beliefs… to stay in the same theology box.


I dare people to think outside the box. It’s hard to do. But like an explorer who leaves the comfort of her home and homeland… great adventures, new discoveries, and even new lives await!

I so admire people who take the risk of questioning their beliefs, thinking outside of their boxes, and being transformed by the renewing of their minds.

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I want the box that holds all the other boxes. Or is that just as bad?

Dave Wyble

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