What kind of mind throws Robin Williams in Hell?

"Pea Brain" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward The internet is overcrowded with bad news about Robin Williams being in Hell. It makes me think about what kind of person would think that. I remember my dad used to use the phrase "pea brain". It doesn't have anything to do with IQ intelligence. It has to do with small-mindedness. Very smart people can be very small-minded. I'm not promoting the ancient theological ideas of Heaven and Hell, but exploring the kind of thinking that would condemn someone to suffer forever and ever in a place God created especially for them. What kind of mind believes, and therefore wants to believe, that Robin Williams is in this horrible place?
  1. A mind filled with the fear of people and lives different than their own?
  2. A mind stuck inside a small box of comprehension about the world?
  3. A mind that must have tidy categories to live by?
  4. A mind that can't embrace the everyday life of everyday people?
  5. A mind that has very narrow parameters of morality?
  6. A mind that hates people who are famous but not outspoken believers?
  7. A mind that has no compassion for those who suffer?
  8. A mind that refuses to change even if faced with facts?
  9. A mind that thinks everyone else should be and believe like them?
  10. A mind that takes the bible absolutely literally?
In short, is this mind a fundamentalist mind? I know many of the people who claim Williams is in Hell would say they didn't put him there, but he did and God simply confirmed his decision and gave him what he deserved. This is a cop-out. It is an escape from personal responsibility. It is an inability to appreciate that their god, like all our gods, is a mental construct of their own thinking who fulfills all their wishes and meets all their expectations and demands. What they bind on earth they bind in their heaven. Of course Robin Williams is in their Hell, because this is where they think he should be, and the god they've imagined has created the perfect place for him.
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