"Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

What Kirk Cameron wants us to believe

"Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward No I haven't watched the whole movie. No I don't want to. If someone should suggest that I shouldn't form an opinion on Kirk Cameron's film Saving Christmas without seeing it, I would counter with I can form an opinion on poison before swallowing it. I've seen some of Cameron's films before. And his interviews. And his videos. Now he's begging his fans to go to his film's putrid review on Rotten Tomatoes  to pump his film with positive reviews. Not working. Here's what he wants us to believe:
  1. I'm a celebrity, so you should believe me. Put all your rational thinking aside. Forget your hunches. Do not trust your intellect. Instead, trust me because I'm popular. For example, Christmas trees don't have roots in pagan religion because trees are found in Genesis and Jesus was crucified on wood, therefore Christmas trees are okay. Also, God materialized in Jesus on Christmas, therefore unabashed materialism is a good thing. Unfortunately, this is one of the greatest dangers in any religion, and Christianity is not immune to it. The celebrity culture is thorough, and even seeps into how we do religion.
  2. We live in an us-versus-them world. Cameron wants to promote the notion that we are a group under siege and that we must by all means possible protect and proliferate our ideas. He wants us to believe that Christianity is special. He wants us to draw lines in the sand that separate us from one another and perpetuate the illusion that we are divided. Of course, his ideas do just that: divide us.
  3. The message and the medium doesn't matter. One of the severest criticisms of the film is that it is just badly done. It's 80 minutes of thrown together filler. Apparently it doesn't matter how silly or stupid the message is and it doesn't matter how poor and ugly the medium is. But because it's our message and medium, promote it anyway. Bad words and bad art aren't the point. But because they are our words and art we will inflict them on others nevertheless... on Christians to build a kind of border patrol for our ghetto and to unbelievers to either prove them wrong or convert them over.
I don't believe him.

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